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Thursday 25 April 2013

MAY 2013 Staff Awards, Performance Leagues & Commendations - Do you feature?

Christine Brightman – Home Group – Easington


Site knowledge, appearance, reliability, contract support, management reports
Winner Receives – Guard of the Month certificate, winners badge & £25.00 Voucher

The League of Champions

May 13

Christine Brightman


Merthyr Tydfil Council


Team performance, spirit, job knowledge & performance, appearance, stability, customer & Kingdom management reports, SLA scores, absence & disciplinary levels, contract support.

Team Receive - Team of the Month Certificate

The Champions League

May 13

Merthyr Tydfil Council


Michael Davidson – IKEA Glasgow


Team performance & spirit, personal contract knowledge, appearance, reliability and customer and Kingdom management feedback
Winner Receives - Supervisor of the Month Certificate & £25 voucher

The Premier League

May 13

Michael Davidson


Corrina Showalter – Leicester Patrol


Driver performance & management reports
Winner Receives - Mobile Officer of the Month Certificate & £25 voucher

The League of Winners

  May 13

Corrina Showlater


Steven Leeming – IKEA Leeds


Arrests, deters, ROI, job knowledge & compliance, absence & disciplinary levels, appearance, customer & Kingdom management feedback

Winner Receives - Mobile Officer of the Month Certificate & £25 voucher

The League of Winners

  May 13

Steven Leeming


Eleanor Rich – Hillingdon Council


ROI, job knowledge & compliance, absence & disciplinary levels, appearance, customer & Kingdom management feedback

Winner Receives - Mobile Officer of the Month Certificate & £25 voucher

The League of Winners

  May 13

Eleanor Rich

Staff & Team Commendations

This month, commendations have been issued to the following staff


Contract / Nominated By


Recipient: Saeed Ahmad

Site: Notts PCT - Hyson Green

Recipient: Graham Vincent Squibb

Site: IKEA - Coven

Recipient: Jamie Shillaw

Site: HGS - Avondene

Recipient: Jake Hanson

Site: HGS - Scott Grange

Recipient: Elizabeth Foster

Site: HGS - Scott Grange

Recipient: Steven Aktinson

Site: HGS - Single Key Foyer

Recipient: Richard Burke

Site: Broxbourne Council

Recipient: Jack Bourne

Site: Broxbourne Council

Recipient: Jaouad Taibi,

Site: Princess Alice Hospital

Recipient: John Lee

Site: Broxbourne Council


Recipient: Stephen P Hoole

Site: HGS - Rawtenstall

Recipient: Adam Farley Smith

Site: Techniquest

TEAM LEADER COMMENDATIONS (Team Leaders commending members of their team)

Recipient: Naveed Naeem

Site: IKEA - Manchester

Recipient: Keith Joyce

Site: IKEA - Manchester

Recipient: Michael Holmes

Site: Federal Mogul Sintered

Recipient: Michael Avery

Site: Worthing Mobile

Recipient: Paul Kenny

Site: Knowsley College - Kirkby

Recipient: Mujeeb Iddrisu

Site: Knowsley College - Kirkby

Recipient: Roy Richards

Site: Knowsley College - Kirkby

Recipient: Jane McDermott

Site: Federal Mogul Friction

Recipient: Wilfred Jones

Site: Federal Mogul Friction

Wednesday 6 July 2011

People Fun

Two Kingdom staff ( Rob Barton – left & Delroy McGee) recently achieved a CMI Diploma in Management and Leadership Level 5

It was a year long (emotional) course through Liverpool Hope University (funded by Kingdom) where we are told blood, sweat and tears were required to achieve such an accomplishment.

Details on the Chartered Management Institute are available at the below website link

It is our duty to provide the tools individuals need to evolve and adapt. We are committed to the training and development of all staff, as an essential part of valuing staff, improving the service to customers and developing a successful business.

Rob and Del (2)

Kingdom Security recently supported our customer Richard Toner and the team at Elddis Transport with their recent challenge to raise cash for Willow Burn Hospice by completing the Cumbrian Commotion, Adventure Challenge Series.

The 24/3 challenge took place at Grizedale Forest and involved:

* 10km+ of Off-Road, Multi-Terrain Adventure Running

* Up to 25km Of Multi Terrain Mountain Biking

* 1km Of Canoeing On Lake Conniston

Although the hot weather proved a bit of a hindrance they managed to complete the event in a respectable 3 hours 50 mins

Anyone wishing to support can donate at

The Finish Line!!

Durham-20120318-00622 (2)

Mr Toner of Elddis Transport challenges the bike to a mud fight!


Kingdom Retail Officer Mohammed Hamid (shown 3rd right) receiving an award from Peter Jones, Ikea Business Navigator and Store Manager Juvencio Maeztu for some great work done.


On the 30 October 2011,Terry Barton, Managing Director of Kingdom Security Limited and Agnes Barton, Finance Director, successfully completed a charity rally organised by Karma Enduro.

25 vehicles took part in this major annual fundraising event, travelling 2000km across Southern India.

The 2000km rally (in the famous ambassador taxi – see pic) included a huge array of different terrains. From busy towns and cities, to arid desert plains, dense seldom used forest trails and on to mountain passes, it promises to be a real test of endurance.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation and raising funds for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and Adventure Ashram.

Rainbow Trust supports families in England who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Adventure Ashram was set up to help the poorest people on the route that Karma Enduro takes through India, to achieve a higher standard of living through better health and education.

Every penny you donated (see above web link) went go directly to the charities, making a massive difference to children in England and India.

Many, many thanks

Terry and Agnes


Want to know who is who in Kingdom and put a face to the name – just click:


Dealing With Diet Boredom

You start a new diet. You see some fantastic results pretty quickly. The struggle, of course, is then maintaining this weight loss. Changing eating patterns for a short period is different than sustaining them. This is the area people seem to have the most problems with. Once frustration and boredom sets in, once dieters have reached that plateau, it becomes so easy to just give up in disappointment.

Dig Down Deep
When you are in a rut, don’t give up! That’s the worst thing you can do. Boredom might be leading you back towards your old habits, but fight back! What’s vital to overcoming this sense of apathy is to set goals. Not just in the beginning of your diet, but throughout it. Goals should be specific, yet flexible. They should allow for some minor setbacks, and yet encourage you to keep moving forward.
As an example, say your goal is to lose 50 pounds. Great! But how are you going to get there? Is it by eating a specific amount of calories? Perhaps by eating enough servings of fruits and vegetables? Are you going to try to work out a few times a week? Be accommodating to yourself. Realise that you are not perfect and you might splurge on something tasty every now and again. Don’t view this as diet failure!!

Keep it Fresh
One of the biggest things that can be seen as contributing to diet boredom is a regimen that is so specific; it eliminates certain things from your diet, such as a low carbohydrate diet. These diets are not inherently bad, but it limits the variety of food options. So do your best to keep it fresh.
When struggles of tediousness come, counterattack! Change the types of food you eat. Don’t have the same dinners every week. Try new things out. It might take a little extra effort in the kitchen, but creativity in the kitchen can be fun. One way to do this is to splurge on a new healthy cookbook. Try out a new recipe once a week. Also, get your family involved in healthy cooking. Perhaps each family member can have a night of the week, not only to help cook, but to help pick out a recipe. You can also do a healthy recipe exchange with friends.
Above all else, a diet is nothing without combining other aspects of healthy living. Drink plenty of water, as always. This will keep you from munching throughout the day. Also, eat around 5-6 times a day, but in smaller portions. Finally, concentrate on fitness aspects as well. You won’t lose weight effectively if you do nothing to train your body. So, with your diet, you’ll be able to build some great healthy habits, but this can lead to plateaus. Add some spice to your diet and you’ll continue seeing success.

Shane Noden BSc (Hons), CPT

Billy May Retires After 17 Years

Officer Billy May retired from Kingdom Security after 17 years loyal service (see image – Billy receiving his retirement and handshake from Kingdom Senior Manager Mike Barton).

Billy was seen by all at Kingdom as “Mr. Dependable” & one of life’s good guys.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Continuous Development, Reminders & Prompts!

When introduced and completed correctly, search can play a major part
in loss prevention and as part of your “security mix”. The below are guidelines only

Search overview

No private person has the right to search anyone. Consent must be obtained. Any agreement (contract etc) does not remove the necessity to obtain consent immediately prior to a search taking place.

Under NO circumstances should any force or intimidation be used to carry out a search.

Introduction of search

When introducing / implementing searches it is important the current work environment / ethos is not disturbed. Implementing search, can, at first, cause some animosity and discomfort. However, correct search training, methods & knowledge can eliminate many potential obstacles and within approximately 1 week search procedures should simply become part of the daily work routine. To maintain the dignity of individuals when subjected to a search. Search policies and procedures may vary from site to site according to business requirements and it is necessary for the business to conform to agreed local standards.

Search signage should be displayed at all ENTRY/EXIT points.

All searches must be recorded

Quality and random search provide better results than quantity

Key search protocol

  • A search does not imply that the individual being searched is under suspicion. Treat people in the same manner you would like to be treated and put them at ease. Use the words “please” & “thank you” regularly
  • Bodily contact is not advisable (search wand used). Do not follow body contours. Straight lines only.
  • Never enter pockets (needles/accusations)
  • Females can be searched by a male, providing a 3rd party is present to witness the search and a search wand used otherwise the method is female v female / male v male.
  • Any refusal request the reason and document

I don’t have to wear my actual licence, I can use a photocopy

Fiction: You must wear or have on your possession your actual licence unless reported lost or stolen. If not on your possession your licence can be revoked or suspended, or worse still prosecuted as not having on you is contravening section 9 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001

Image of a front line licence


CRB Checks

On 31 August the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is changing its rules on the documents it will accept. Since our licensing process relies heavily on the CRB, we will be changing our rules as well. The changes are:

  • A UK adoption certificate will now be classed as a group B document, NOT a group A document
  • We will no longer accept the following documents:
    • Mobile phone contract
    • TV licence
    • Certificate of British nationality
    • Court summons
    • Payslip

Any applications we receive on or after 31 August will be processed according to the new ID requirements


Staff Zone Policies

We have added the below policies to the  Staff Zone

- Dignity at Work

- Environmental Policy

- Equal Opportunities & Discrimination Policy

- Health & Safety Policy

- Lone Worker Policy

- Social and Corporate Responsibility Policy

- Training & Staff Development Policy

- Mission Statement

Visit @


Guidance – Use of Photography

The following key points will provide Kingdom Officers with important advice as to what is to be considered reasonable and innocent behaviour in the instance of members of the public taking photographs or filming, and what the correct course of actions is when dealing with suspicious behaviour of individuals:

• The vast majority of individuals taking photographs are doing so for entirely innocent purposes, and the fact that an individual is taking a photograph does not in itself indicate hostile reconnaissance or other suspicious behaviour.

• The size and type of cameras are not, in themselves, indications of suspicious behaviour. Large cameras, lenses and tripods should therefore not be viewed as being more suspicious than other types of equipment.

• If an individual is in a public place photographing or filming a private building, security guards have no right to prevent the individual from taking photographs.

• If an individual is on private property, s/he may not take photographs if such activity is expressly prohibited or requires a permit which has not been sought or granted. In this instance, a security guard may inform the individual of the restrictions and politely request that s/he ceases to take photographs or film. The security guard could request that the individual leave the premises and could use reasonable force if necessary to effect this.

• All approaches to members of the public should be made in a courteous manner.

• If an individual is behaving in a manner which a security guard believes to be suspicious, it is important that the suspicions are resolved either through reporting the incident to the police or through polite questioning of the individual.

• Security guards cannot delete images or seize cameras, nor can they obstruct individuals from taking photographs.

• Members of the public and the media do not need a permit to film or photograph in public places. This includes where an individual is in a public place but taking a photograph or film of a private building.

• On private land, the public may take photographs unless this activity is expressly prohibited by the landlord or a permit is required and has not been sought.

• Security guards should be mindful of the impact their actions have on members of the public. They should avoid behaving in a manner that individuals may find intimidating or aggressive, or interfering with individuals’ activities without adequate reason to do so


Personal development planning

Is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within your career with Kingdom Security.

Its that time of year again where you are required to complete the Kingdom PDP form and to discuss your individual strengths, weaknesses, plans and desires!

Please click the below link, complete and submit before the end of January 2012.

Many thanks


SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY e.g Facebook & Twitter etc

We recognise that the internet provides unique opportunities to participate in interactive discussions and share information on particular topics using a wide variety of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and wikis. However, employees' use of social media can cause offence and pose risks to our confidential and proprietary information, and reputation, and can jeopardise our compliance with legal obligations.

To minimise these risks, to avoid loss of productivity as well as ensuring that our IT resources and communications systems are used only for appropriate business purposes, we expect employees to adhere to this policy, both inside and outside work.

This policy deals with the use of all forms of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, all other social networking sites, and all other internet postings, including blogs.

It applies to the use of social media for both business and personal purposes, whether during office hours or otherwise. The policy applies regardless of whether the social media is accessed using our IT facilities and equipment or equipment belonging to members of staff.

Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Disciplinary action may be taken regardless of whether the breach is committed during working hours, and regardless of whether our equipment or facilities are used for the purpose of committing the breach. Any member of staff suspected of committing a breach of this policy will be required to co-operate with our investigation, which may involve handing over relevant passwords and login details.

Social media should never be used in a way that breaches any of our other policies. If an internet post would breach any of our policies in another forum, it will also breach them in an online forum. For example, employees are prohibited from using social media to:

(a) breach our Electronic information and communications systems policy;
(b) breach our obligations with respect to the rules of relevant regulatory bodies;
(c) breach any obligations they may have relating to confidentiality;
(d) breach our Disciplinary Rules;
(e) defame or disparage the organisation or its affiliates, customers, clients, business partners, suppliers, vendors or other stakeholders;
(f) harass or bully other staff in any way;
(g) unlawfully discriminate against other staff or third parties;
(h) breach our Data protection policy (for example, never disclose personal information about a colleague online);
(i) breach any other laws or ethical standards (for example, never use social media in a false or misleading way, such as by claiming to be someone other than yourself or by making misleading statements).


Question: What must you record?

Answer: Your shift life - your movements, your breaks, what you did during your shift

Question: What must I report to the Kingdom National Control Centre?

Answer: You must report all emergencies & incidents

Question: What is an emergency?

Answer: An emergency is an unexpected occurrence requiring a 999 service (police, ambulance, fire brigade)

Question: What is an incident?

Answer: An incident is an unexpected occurrence requiring immediate attention or response i.e. yours or someone else. E.g. making an arrest, deterring someone from entering site, being abused or threatened, smell of gas etc

You can find and complete a Kingdom incident report form within your site log book or on the web site Staff Zone

Polite Reminders
You are responsible for the safe keeping of any personal possessions that you bring onto company or customer premises. The company will accept no liability for any personal item/s lost, damaged or stolen from the Company or Customer's premises or from any Company vehicle. Staff are requested not to bring personal items of value onto the premises and, in particular, not to leave items overnight.

Laptops: Personal laptops must not be used whilst at work.

Radio: Must be kept to minimum volume. Non offensive material played

Television: The viewing of television is not authorised whilst at work. The Company has the right to confiscate any television found. The owner has the right to apply for the return of the television at no cost to the Company.

Personal Mobile Phones: Must be used during your official and authorised breaks only

The company reserves the right to confiscate items where you have not complied with our code of conduct and submit found items to the National Support Centre for personal collection (the company will not reimburse any costs for collection).


The Centre is now divided into 2 distinct parts, with separate telephone numbers.

1. The CONTROL MONITORING CENTRE, with responsibility for Officer book on/off, safety calls, absence, incidents, alarm activations etc.

To book on/off 0871 4246 888  (automated calls)

To speak to a controller 0871 4246 999 

2. The SHIFT ALLOCATION CENTRE has responsibility for rosters and roster planning (including responsibility for new Officer monitoring, Officer site monitoring, site training requirements, holiday cover, extra cover, standbys etc).

For rosters contact the Shift Allocation Centre on 0333 321 4220.



Only authorised headwear should be worn on Kingdom contracts to maintain a professional image and brand and to ensure no offense is caused e.g. walking through a Midlands warehouse of workers in a Chelsea cap.

Kingdom provides cold weather headwear @ £7.50 – should you wish to order please contact Chloe on 01744 697598 or




Inside Kingdom–New Video Suite–Efficiency with a human face!

To thrive in today's economy, you must collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers around the globe without delay. At the same time, business must be conducted in a way that enhances the quality of our relationships.

At Kingdom we work smarter and make it easier than ever for our customers to see facial expressions for those crucial business discussions and negotiations across the “virtual table.”

Our new video conferencing is a communications technology that integrates video and audio to connect users anywhere in the world as if they were in the same room.

This new service provides customers with access to our management team who are provided with IPAD2 technology and the ability to video communicate at  convenience.

Efficiency with a human face!



Thank you to all our 2011 readers, without you we could not have achieved what we did in 2011.

2010 was a challenging year but 2011 came with more challenges for most businesses because of the world economy. However, with your support we came through it and continued to strive in many areas and add value and innovation.

Our marketplace, yet again, changed shape in 2011 with many smaller security operators dropping out the market and fewer specialising in risk, loss and guarding and even more mergers and acquisitions.

2012 will be yet another challenging year for Kingdom, however if we continue to win and retain business and continue to provide a quality service supported with robust systems, innovation, the right profit margins, and added value we believe we will come through 2012 in a strong position.

We look forward to enjoying the 2012 journey with you.

Have a great 20012 from all within the Kingdom team.
On 31/10/2011 Kingdom Security Ltd acquired the North East security specialist Quays Security

All security staff and key personnel transferred to Kingdom.

The acquisition of Quays follows some major business wins for Kingdom in the North East (e.g. Elddis Transport and Home Group) and is a further strategic acquisition to strengthen our local and UK position.

We welcome on board all new staff and customers into Kingdom who we believe will receive significant benefit from our extensive services, resources, innovation and management expertise.

Kingdom is a successful business because we react and make swift or important decisions.

Our new dedicated in-house Report Action Unit (RAU) supports this ethos and is an integral part of our quality programme to react (within 1 hour), communicate and close any “matters for action” which stretch from a commendation and uniform request to a serious 999 incident.

RAU key benefits:-

  • Reacts, communicates and closes all matters requiring action (PPE request to 999 emergency call)
  • Dedicated in-house team
  • Supports our field Managers and operation across the UK
  • Provides centralised service history note tracking
  • Any item of a serious nature E.G. serious incident is escalated to RED status / Director level